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HI guys, new at this side of the forum.

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I am looking into buying a small performance vehicle, for daily coummute and bracket racing if time allows. I have been searching for something under $30k. Saw some Subarus, Accord coupe, Acuras, BMW, Mitsu, and the new Chrysler (family member) "Cross fire"?
What are your experiences and suggestions. Nothing over $30k to begin with. Then we can get the aftermarket goodies, that I am sure you guys can recommend some good ones.
OK. I am all ears!! Hit me with your best suggestions.[:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]
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Re: If you go with a C-Coupe get an '02 since you can modify it and possibly get 250HP out o

If you go with a C-Coupe get an '02 since you can modify it and possibly get 250HP out of it. Start with a $300 ASP pulley that will get you to about 230HP, add a K&N filter for another 3-4HP and then an intercooler for another 10-12HP and an exhaust system, maybe a chip. Lower it and put in AMG sway bars for handling. Under 30K with the mods.

If you want a fast car more reliable car for under 30K that's fun and modifiable get a Mustang GT Convertible, they run in the mid 20's after rebates and discounts. Then add a supercharger for some serious power. I'll likely trade up when the 40th anniversary edition comes out in 2004 1/2. Not as refined as the Benz but has attitude.
Can I get a C320 coupe and do all that?
As for the Mustang, I saw the pics, looks OK, but not my kind of car, even with 400hp.
Somebody said don't like Subaru's looks? I like it, specially when I go to rally races, and when they win several titles, not to mention that it was named 2 years in a row as one of the 10 Best Cars by Car & Driver magazine.
How about Mika's choice? A Mitsu Evo?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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