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And 1st many thanks for the front seat motor fix, this is how I found this site which I found most helpfull.
I drive around 40,000 miles a year around the UK, and on a trip to the Emerald Isle I was asked which hire car I would like, I chose a Mercedes diesel this was 2 years ago, when I came back to the Uk I disposed of my Saab and have driven my C class 270cdi since.
I find this car to meet my driving criteria to the letter, ie: over 40mpg (near 50mpg on a recent 515 mile round trip to essex) is safe, reliable, and so effortless to drive.
In 10 years I have driven over 40 lease cars ranging from Vectras, to Saabs and nothing compares to this car.
I do intend to replace my Cclass with a CLS as soon as funds permit.
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