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Hello everyone ,I have had an interest in Mercedes for many years and thought it was about time I became a member . Currently I own 2 1971 250CE Coupes one of which is a daily driver and the other of which has been a long term restoration project . I also use daily a E240 stationwagon and just missed being the highest bidder for a stunning 2000 CL500 last night which was knocked down for a bargain ,My brother has a 1971 250ce a 280C (1973 ithink) and a 1964 220se coupe all being restored .

I look at this site with interest and find it is a great resource for all things Mercedes

Yesterday the E240 wouldnt start . Dash lights up and lights come on but dead when I turn the ignition . I am hearing one click and assume its the solenoid . Will let you know how i go diagnosing and fixing the problem .
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