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84 300TD wagon; 82 240D 4 speed;1985 380SE (new to us in 2015)
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Greetings. Been driving spouse's Frankenbenz (1982 240D with parts from 5 or more cars, I have trouble keeping track) and since it needs some serious work on CV joints & stuff, I got a newer car. Someone found me this Dark Silvery 380SE. Well frequently he is wishing I waited for another Diesel as he knows how those work! Our other car is a 1984 300TD wagen that has been awaiting its front end work for over a year, due to some illness and other issues delaying the job.

So do we finally have the timing right on this 85? hard to know. I thought it was OK last wednesday when I drove some on a trip maybe 30 miles away. It was fine, the next morning it stalled out 3 times in 2 miles and I turned around. I think the MAIN thing that would help us would be access to a Real document that describes what all the parts in this thing;s engine actually are, the goofy ones. Like a haynes manual or something? (no Chiltons. I have been told this for well over 30 years by the man in Charge). I can't describe all the work that has been done (since he just went up to bed) but would love to interact with others who know the engine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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