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E-Class 300 TD 1998, E-Cllass 290 TDi 1996, 601 DKB 1982(207D)
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Joined your forum a couple of days ago, and since then have made some postings already without proper introduction.
As the title already tells I come from Holland, and am also active on the Dutch MB-forum Home - Alles over Mercedes-Benz .

I currently own 3 benzes:
1982 207 D in German fire-brigade appearance.
1996 W210 E290 Tdi Elegance
1998 W210 E300 TD Avantgarde

As I am also a producer of solar-power for my house, and all the cars are also powered by the sun, probably better for the climate than a Prius. The cars are running on WVO(Waste Vegatble Oil), that I collect myself and filter. You will probably notice the PPO sign on my is not a Dutch tuning firm, but merely indicating the cars runs on SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil)

My "refinery" on Youtube

I try to do a lot myself with respect to maintenance and therefore troubleshooting with the help of others and making contributions to help others I experience as great fun.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts