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I just wanted to drop by and say HI!

I'm a soon to be owner of a 2000 S-430 (pick up this afternoon!)

I'm also an admin over at and previous moderator of so I'm not exactly new to the car forums.

I'm already aware of some of the problems w/ the 2000 model, but since the car only has 29,600 miles and I got it for a steal, everything is still under warranty.

What's the suspension problem? I've heard of the A/C problem and all the other stuff listed at alldata and edmunds.

Hopefully next year I'll be adding LCD screens in the headrests and a PS/2. Anyone know of any other mods besides the one at that allows you to hook up a dvd player and tv tuner to the Command screen?

Thanks for all of your help and I'm looking forward to participating in this forum.

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