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Hey guys

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Hey guys, I dont usually post topics because of my limited knowledge but guess what guys, I'm an ArCO/ampm Dealer now!

The process/paperwork took about 9 months and the traning took 7 weeks but its all worth it now. My site is located in San Diego in Lemon Grove so if any of you would like to visit contact me. I'm pretty damn excited, and scared too.

So if anyone is located in san diego or is visiting, come visit my station , i'll buy ya a cup of coffee!

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Where in Lemon Grove?

Congrats on the new business, SLK4PlaYaS. So why not give us the address? I don't go to Lemon Grove all that often and if I get to stop by, it will probably be in my Yukon.

Bodypainter, here you go, follow this link and click on the map or search for your shell station. I'm still trying to figure out how you buy something at just above absolute zero, K = Kelvin, k = 10^3. I may have been more impressed by $1.5m [:eek:)][:D] [yes, I am a true geek].
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