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I've seen the ads for this in a 'Mecerdes Entusiast', a British Benz rag. It was in Barnes...

I've seen the ads for this in a 'Mecerdes Entusiast', a British Benz rag. It was in Barnes & Noble. Nice, glossy mag. The had ads to convert the W140 and and the SL coupe. According to site only in these pictures, the conversion APPEARED to be done so as to the only way I could tell at a glance was the A/B/C pillars. Only the passenger compartment and roofline could not/ would not be changed. Plus they did side-by-side comparisions of the real one and the conversion. I even showed my wife, who is the daily driver of our S-Class. We were both tripping, "whoa"! However, the immediate question out of both our mouths was, "WHY?" To achieve THAT amount of fit and finish (as pictured at least) from a kit, the thing would have to have cost $10,000 US, at the LEAST. And they did have the prices in pounds, but, even if I could remember what it was, I've never taken the time to learn the conversion, in typical US fashion :) We both agreed if you can trick that kind of loot, just go buy another. And who with that kind of money, already owning an authentic W140, would then build it into a bootleg Mercedes? Insanity is right.

Btw, that link didn't work for me, so I can't tell if this was the same kit or not. Sounds like it though.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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