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Ive seen this done to a car in the UK. They change the front end but the back end still is 100% W140. Just imagine - it looks like two cars welded together. It looks ridiculus, and stupidly wrong. kinda Michael Jackson-ish.

I would have to agree with the others here and say steer clear. We are not talking about a simple headlamp upgrade here, but complete body panels.

Link to W140 to W220 body kit conversion:

Every since i'v read about this conversion on the brd back in April been searching for a supplier. Heres the only link i've found. PROBLEM: Contact them by email with NO replies!!

Theres not much info on this conversion. It cant be cuz a lack of Demand, everyone thinks its HellaHot. I believe its lack of Supply only. If we can gather together some buyers from this board, sure we can make this a reality!

If anyone has info on U.S. suppliers of the conversion. Hopefully some one can find PICS to post on the board. Please email me with further info at:

[email protected]

Thx Jenny
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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