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Relax VW .. I just dont recommend it

Its not about change. There is a huge difference between W140 and W220. W220 is known for quality problems. When mercedes started this new line, they scraped their "million mile test runs". They are mass produced vehicles and dont deserve the S title. Probably this is why, they are re-designing the S class agian for the 05 model year.

I test drove one.
I did not like it.
I wont buy it.

Now to the conversion:

The w140 is a different vehicle then w220. The height, lenght and weight is completely different than the w220. I wonder how would you put a body of a newer s class on a old s class. Mercedes S W140 is not a rice car. Ure not making a small modification change on a VolksWagen. Do u know what ure talking? Each and every screw of this car is designed, engineered and tested to fit. And passed quality control inspection.

I dont trust them, bottom line.

Some small little factory in china is making the body that will fit a W140? What about paint job? material quality? I dont want the body to be flying away when iam doing 140?

No way man, i stick to traditions.

And by the way, Lorinser, AMG and Barbus are not new names. Infact i had AMG wheels on my c- class.

Its also about integrity. You bought a W140, why put a W220 body? to show off?

Someone has to be a real nut to buy this..
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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