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2001 Mercedes Benz clk amg55
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Car was running okay and it's suddenly stopped locking into gear so I tried adjusting linkage and different gear shifters. I ended up using one from an amg clk320 (basically same car) that I had. Car was overheating due to radiator leaks which put it into limp mode (shifter would not stay in gear even with the key not in it .....) It was also overheating (way overheated).I put new water pump thermostat radiator hoses coolant temperature sensor and it would not start after that. When when I scanned it with an OB 2 scanner it's would not communicate with the ECU. I put a new Sam in it and tried a new ignition and mobilizer and it still wouldn't communicate with the ECU so I took one out of the junkyard and had it cloned with mine and then it read the ECU still not starting. Tried a new battery in it , actually I've tried 3. And when I would try to start it everything lit up and fueled kick in but it would not crank. So after a month I put a new starter in and it still does the same thing I've also put a used intake manifold(I cleaned). I have tried about everything not sure what there is left to do. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I can clarify for u. Please help
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