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Have a 1992 300E engine model 124

Smog pumo went out and snapped my belt. Instead of replacing, we removed to bypass the pump.

Found the correct belt size (shorter than before), but we can not figure out how to put the belt back on! No idea how to use the tensioner to get the belt back on.

Please, any info or help would be greatly appreciated! Im not a mechanic by any means so the more detail and simple terms, the better!

Thank you

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not sure how you'd get the belt around the alternator without the air pump pulley as part of the path, but here's all supported serpentine belt paths (and lengths)

here's how you replace the tensioner, if its bad (it probably is)

here's how you check the tensioner

and here's how you remove and reinstall the belt, including setting the tensioner...
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