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I have a ML320 2000. It lost acceleration, power. I hooked up a code reader it said P301, P304 CPS sensor was changed didn't help at all. Replaced the fuel filter, ran ok until it warmed up then it chugged and coughed and died. Fuel pump seems to have a lot of pressure. Any help would be appreciated.:surrender:
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Please update your profile in USER CP to include the year and model of your truck, also your geographical location.

In your first post on this problem, you stated that it started right after filling up your tank. That would lead one to believe that the problem stems from fuel qantity or fuel quality. Since you have already changed the fuel filter that eliminates one issue on the quantity side, the other being the fuel pump. So, you would have to have the fuel pressure checked in order to rule out that possibility. Your felling about it having enough fuel pressure does not count, it's what the pressure gauge tells you that counts.

On the quality side, there is not much that can be done other than removing the fuel from the tank. If the fuel pressure is not the problem, try two or three bottles of dry gas and see if that helps the problem.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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