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I have a ML320 2000. It lost acceleration, power. I hooked up a code reader it said P301, P304 CPS sensor was changed didn't help at all. Replaced the fuel filter, ran ok until it warmed up then it chugged and coughed and died. Fuel pump seems to have a lot of pressure. Any help would be appreciated.:surrender:
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kellymaureen, since you went thru the hard work of removing and replacing the fuel pump, you should've replaced it with new pump (MB genuine pump, from an on-line store, definitely less than $508). Now you don't know how long that used pump will last. well, too late for that thought :)
kellymaureen, sorry I am diverting away from your thread/topic.

FAR, where is your side marker light (on the front quarter panel)? ML 55 doesn't have a side marker lamp? or you had it removed it?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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