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whats up, my display on my 2001 s500 is telling me to replace the right side rearview mirror bulb, i was told that i have to replace the entire cover. is that correct? also my cd changer dose not seem to be hooked up. i loaded a mag in the slot and nothing happened, now i can not remove my magazine, was told that the changer need to be replaced is that also true? any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. return of the MACK.
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That is a common problem,yes you do have to replace the cover,let me know what color ,I will have to look,I think I have a coupler pairs,as far as the c.d player,take the c.d player out and make sure it,s all pluged in,I might be able to help you on that subject if you need a c.d changer(c.d changer's do go bad)
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