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Hi All -

Have a 2006 ML350 w/standard 17" alloys and Continental 235/65/17 Contact 4x4 tires.

Am considering purchase of 2007 GL450 18" OEM alloy take off wheels w/o any tires.

Several questions.

1. Will the 18" wheels fit my ML w/o spacers?
2. Will my current lugs work w/the 18" wheels?
3. What would be the recommended tire size to work w/my ML within the existing wheel wells?
4. Can I safely upgrade to a 50 versus 55 aspect tire and if so, what then would be the recommended size to work w/my ML within the existing wheel wells?
5. Will the change to 18" wheels or different tire size affect the accuracy of my odometer and if so, what do I do to compensate?
6. Am interested in "H" rated all season M+S tires that work well in the snow. But I will not accept a tire that lasts 30K miles or less [my current Continentals are more than 50% worn after just 13K miles]. Thus I am inclined to opt for the Yokohama Geolander HT-S tire because of its 60K mile tread wear warranty. Recommendations?

Thanks for the help!

BenzWorld Tire & Wheel God
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#1.) yes
#2.) not 100% sure but I think so
#3.) any of these sizes would work 255/55-18, 265/55-18, 275/55-18, 285/50-18 but 255/55-18 is the best choice
#4.) see #3
#5.) no
#6.) I would recommend the Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza
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