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Help with top speed...

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Hey guys, i had my car for a shop for like forever they were putthing the front cover of the engine on...anyways..ever since i got it back.. it takes FOREVER to gain speed after like 120mph...before it use to clim pretty the same strecth i use to hit 155mph, now im having trouble hiting more then 130 mph !! my brother who was behind me said the car was throwing alot of black smoke compare to before...any ideas guys ?[xx(]
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Ive been trying to find out whats wrong with my car since i too think my benz (500se euro) is lacking power. I tried to topspeed it but after i hit 100 m/h (160 km/h)it accelerated slow so i just took it to 110 m/h (175km/h).
Now that i read your post about it not reving out completley i know mine to doesnt at kickdown. I know the previous owner recently changed cams since the previous was worn out. Perhaps my chain to needs a tuning then. Havent bothered to take it to a mechanic yet since its not often you do those speeds but now when summer is coming up i want it to run good.
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