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Help with top speed...

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Hey guys, i had my car for a shop for like forever they were putthing the front cover of the engine on...anyways..ever since i got it back.. it takes FOREVER to gain speed after like 120mph...before it use to clim pretty the same strecth i use to hit 155mph, now im having trouble hiting more then 130 mph !! my brother who was behind me said the car was throwing alot of black smoke compare to before...any ideas guys ?[xx(]
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p.s. i noticed that the last 1,000 rpm its slow in every gear and it dosent reach 6k if i hold it in gear...running to rich or something ?


The front cover of the engine cracked because mechanic X who never touched the car put something wrong so i took it to my regular mechanic who put a new one..and everything back together...maybe the gap between the spark plugs ? can i 'advance the timing' ? i know it was advanced 2 degrees before..would that give any performance...ignition wires ? ....i posted this on shopforum and the guys think im kidding...i'm not. I really use to be able to top out at 155mph and now i it takes AGES to hit 135mph as you can see in the video...even a HONDA civic beat me! [V]
rudedude - 4/15/2006 7:57 PM

I believe your problem has a simple solution. To remove the front cover you must also remove the distributor. When the distributor was re-installed it was probably timed within factory specs. To get optimum performance you need to advance it until you get where it needs to be. I can't tell you exactly where it needs to be as every car is a little different. Just play with the timing and I'm sure you will get the thrill back... Just don't drive like that around me.
Are you saying to move the distriutor ? How much a few mm ?...i remember the lug nut that holds the distributor in place was towards the middle where it slids, now its all the way down. I would gladly take any advice on how to go about doing this...if i cant do it im just going to take it to my mechanic and ask him if he can do it in the spot, how long do you think it will take...i dont want him charging me another arm and leg...or should i let him know it hasent been running good like it use to ?...anyways the car is really lacking power at high end rpms, it use come alive now --its lagging... Abouit speeding i have been doing it for a long time, dont worry, i only do it when i know traffic in that area is to a min, and when im alone in the car. I usually try top it out once a day on my way back from school, take a back road and just let it fly. The other day i ran into my dads friend who is the sales representive of Dinan BMW, testing out the new BMW M5 there haha wow that thing is FAST ! [:I]
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Alright guys! last night i did an oil change and change the FILTER...and WOW can you say FAULTY oil filter ?! The same stretch im hitting 148ish mph now!!!! I stopped after, check how the engine was running, it seems like piston 3 or 4 is misfiring.. ill have to check the spark plus there later today --and lol my o2 sensor wire blew off...weird...very weird.....anyways im going to report that to my mechanic..and fix the spark plug, see which one is bad. After i think i might change tranny filter--maybe if i do that ill gain those other 7 mph that i use to hit!

ps. its hella weird.. im hitting that speed now and my rpm is LOWER!... wtf ?
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