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Help with top speed...

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Hey guys, i had my car for a shop for like forever they were putthing the front cover of the engine on...anyways..ever since i got it back.. it takes FOREVER to gain speed after like 120mph...before it use to clim pretty the same strecth i use to hit 155mph, now im having trouble hiting more then 130 mph !! my brother who was behind me said the car was throwing alot of black smoke compare to before...any ideas guys ?[xx(]
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rudedude - 4/16/2006 11:58 AM

To properly adjust the timing you need to have a timing light. Factory specs are @ 0 degree TDC. For more performance you need to advance the timing but not more than 10 degrees BTDC. It's not a matter of just moving the distributor one way or another. The mechanic should be willing to put it back where it was without charging you again.
Factory specs for my 500 SEC are 15-18 degrees BTDC
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