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I have a 2003 A-class 140. Until last September 2006 no problems. Since then (naturally after the warranty expired) in total 8 times, my car won't start. There is no pattern to the problem, it just happens now and then. It has always started eventually, sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes it takes nearly 30mins. (I'm not continually trying, just sitting in the car and turning the key approx. every 5 mins.)
When turning the key all the dashboard lights come on very briefly and the car makes a bief "whirring" noise (as you can see, I'm very technical).

It's getting to be a real nuisance. The diagnostic machine shows everything o.k. and the battery has been checked separately. My mechanic suggests that I wait until it happens again and, even though I know it will start eventually, call the breakdown service so their diagnostic machine can check it right away.

Has anybody out there had the same problem? When urgent appts have to be met I've had to get a taxi or beg a lift. It's also no joke sitting alone in a deserted car park at midnight!

Help please!!
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