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1986 560SEL
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Looking for some help guys.
1986 560SEL, only 101,000 miles. Here is what it is doing.
Hard start, but sporadic
Idle is very poor, but not all the time
Poor acceleration from dead stop to 1100 rpm, then runs like a Indy car.

Here is what I have done already.
Put in correct spark plugs
Replaced fuel pressure regulator as it was weeping fuel from the back side
Lubed throttle cables and points
replaced fuel filter and fuel accumulator

Sometimes even after it starts hard and drives poorly, out of nowhere, it will run just fine.

This is my first Benz, and first time working on this type of fuel injection, but very mechanically inclined and have every tool I need under the sun.

Dont want to just throw parts at it, Ive replaced the parts that I thought needed to be replaced due to sitting for a long period, so reaching out for some help.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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