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Ok first off, I'm pretty set on the following rims but my only concern is the choice between 17's or 18's.

sizes available
17x8.0 17x8.0

18x8.5 18x9.5

My issues: I'd like to stay at 17's to keep the factory sizing and not have any of the issues that can be introduced by going larger. The negative to this is they dont make the wheel staggered in 17s, only 18s.

For the 18s, on the plus side we have the fact they are staggered as well as 18s probably look a tad "nicer" than 17s. On the negative it's mainly that I'll almost for sure be unhappy with the height and be compelled to lower the car...which I really hate doing.

I guess what it comes down to is, how bad is losing the staggered setup if I stick with the 17s? I have been emailing a local shop that carries these and he is pushing the 18s over the 17s. I asked if my stock size 17 tires would fit and he said "yes but it may look funny, but it will work". I am waiting for him to elaborate, why would they look funny in keeping the stock tires for the 17s?

Opinions and advice greatly appreciated.


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