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Help with MCS/NAV Retro Fit

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Hi guys,

OK i got my MCS and NAV retrofitted into my 99 ML320. I got the anntenna, all the cables and adapters, and the CANBUS adapter installed just like the directions and photos. It turns on, finds satallites and gives me routes and so on...

The problem is, on the map it shows where i am, were i am going (a bit choppy as i drive along)but it doesnt give me voice commands or visual commands of when to turn, and also the time to go and distance to go does not update itself...what did i do wrong? anyone else have this problem with the retrofit?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You won't like the answer...

You have to break down the system again. I ran into the same thing when I did mine, so I took the center console out, grabbed a compressed air can, and cleaned each of the new connections I just put in from the can bus and VSS, etc... then insure each connection is firm, but careful not to force any connections. Just be sure they're plugged all the way in. It sounds like to me that your conneciton to the VSS is spotty or not happening...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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