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Help with MCS/NAV Retro Fit

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Hi guys,

OK i got my MCS and NAV retrofitted into my 99 ML320. I got the anntenna, all the cables and adapters, and the CANBUS adapter installed just like the directions and photos. It turns on, finds satallites and gives me routes and so on...

The problem is, on the map it shows where i am, were i am going (a bit choppy as i drive along)but it doesnt give me voice commands or visual commands of when to turn, and also the time to go and distance to go does not update itself...what did i do wrong? anyone else have this problem with the retrofit?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you ever find the problem? Was it the VSS like Ian mentioned?? I am having the exact same issue. Thanks

Well Benza has a retrofit guide that he mailed me a while back. I have seen it referred to many times on this forum. The document is titled "MCS/DVD NAV Retrofit into 98-99 ML 320." The steps are pretty simple:

1. Remove Center Console
2. Plug in the Insertion Harness to the Transfer Case Module
3. Use double sided tape to mount Can-Bus Adaptor
4. Plug in green and white plug from insertation harness to Adaptor. Plug in and route the Gerate Adapter up to the MCS
5. Plug 1 end of Gerate Adapter into OEM wire harness and the other end into back of MCS unit.
6. Install Factory Roof Antenna
7. screw in antenna cable and GPS cable (A163 540 0113) to splitter
8. Connection GPS cable to Nav Drive in the MCS
9. Plug in radio antenna
10. Power it up - find satellites - put in a destination

Parts Used in the Retrofit Include:

2000 ML MCS unit MB Part # A163 820 04 86

Cable - A163 540 0113
Splitter/Amp - A163 820 1289
Antenna - A163 820 1875
CD NAV Drive - A163 820 0989
CD Map - Ver. 2001
Mercedes Benz Radio Removal Tool

1) CAN-BUS Adapter (Euro)
Euro MB Part# Q6 54 0011
B 678 22 519
(A163 820 00 87)

2) CAN Adapter (Euro)
Euro MB Part# B6 782 2596
Insertion Harness

3) Gerate Adapter (Euro)
Euro MB Part# B6 7 82 2594

I hope this helps. Thanks!
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Thanks guys...

It was the VSS. I cleaned the connections with air, made sure everything was snug, and wa-la... manuvering works great :) Can't wait to take the ML driving now.
sdsurfmaster said:
I recently bought a 2000 ML320 and it has the built in nav. How do I update the CDs or are they DVDs? Do I have to go to the dealer or can I buy them online somewhere? I noticed there are a bunch on eBay but not sure which one I need.

Check this out... be happy you are a benzworld member and get a SPECIAL discount.
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