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1992 500E
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Hi all. I have a 1992 500e with a stock head unit and Becker 10 disk changer in the trunk. The changer has not worked since I got the car, and recently I have had some issue with battery drain. I read that these units are known to cause this issue, so I figured since it doesn't even work...I'll just take it out. Now my head unit displays an 'E 2' code meaning it can't find the cd changer and won't turn on at all. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to remove the changer from the loop. I probably need to unplug the changer wire from the back of the head unit? Or can I unhook something at the amp to do this instead? Also, would anyone know / have specs for the back of the head unit so I know which wires to disconnect?

Thanks in advance!

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