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Help with Body kit decision

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I recently discovered Wald as an updated kit in lieu of the older Lorniser and Brabus packages. Thinking of a body kit and minimal performance adds for my S500 Coupe/CL500. What do you think? <br>
Any recommendations on an exhaust with chrome tips that won't cost too much? I also am thinking of euro-clear headlights and welcome any suggestions on minimal investment for performance mods.<br>
Thanks!... I need all the advice I can get. <br>
See pic attached (not my car yet...Y or N).
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i've always liked the wald body kit

problem is i don't think they have a store in the US. it's a japanese company and it might take a while. i think when i was looking into the wald body kit, i heard they only ship once a month or every other month, so it might take a while. i like the wald body kit a lot though<br> <br> <br> go for it, or go for the brabus front, amg sides and back.<p>
Some mods..

Euro headlights are nice, Supersprint exhaust, lowering springs, K&N drop-in filter, bigger wheels !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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