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Can anyone recommend a basic mechanics maintenance and repair textbook / manual?

I am not inept but very inexperienced about auto mechanics. I have:
· Helped field repair an ATV in Antarctica.
· Helped field repair a truck in NWT, Canada.
· Pulled apart and put back together a transmission in high school shop (but that was a while ago…)

Just trying to fill in the holes in my understanding. I’ve been reading the technical articles on, which has been helpful. I would like to eventually purchase and maintain a 300GD. Before I dive in head first, I’m just trying to figure out what sort of investment I need to make in tools, time, money, etc. I also want to start doing all my own auto maintenance.


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With the kinds of experience and willingness to learn that you have, in my opinion you should go ahead and purchase that 300GD (wait, look at a bunch, and find yourself a good one) along with a set of the factory workshop manuals as available on CD from Those and a decent starter set of good quality tools from the likes of Sears Craftsman will allow you to go a very long way.
Of course, it's always good to have a trusted local experienced independednt Mercedes Benz mechanic at hand locally in case you get in over your head.

Where you are in Northern Claifornia there are plenty of active G folks around that will be happy to help.

Go for it, man!

-Dave G.

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I think that you would be well advised to get the parts diagram and number cd avilable though this forum.
A good picture is worth 1000 words and says a lot.

A good hydraulic jack axle stands and basic tools are the essentials, but get the g then size up from there as and when you need the bits or repairs.

DONT go cheap and chearfull unless you are a dabler only even then better is easier and will do less damage.

Vehicle wise the gd is as simple as you can get, no electronics and tried and tested components which will last if cared for.

Newer vehicles may well be impressive but complexatity never was a good thing if you are out in difficult conditions or away from service repair.

Cometically a79 part is like a 2006 so you can adapt if you wish and do your own thing.

Best of luck and join the home for the bewildered.

Regards Dave
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