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HELP With 2 Issues! EGR Tube and Driver Window

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Issue 1: I followed instructions on this forum (very helpful) to remove and clean my EGR tube. I pute every thing back and the light is still on. what could be causing the light to still stay on? Did I have to reset anything? the code was P0400 which prompted me to clean to EGR tube.

issue 2: Driver winow dos not want to go down. I had followed instructions on this forum when it went doen 2 years and did not want to roll back up. there is a clicking sound when I push on botton...Any suggestions as to how to fix?

I really appreciate any help especially with Issue number one. I also have pics of the whole removal and cleaning of EGR tube. will post later.
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Please update your profile in USER CP to include the year of your truck.

You said that you cleaned your EGR tube, but was it clogged?

If if was clogged and you corrected the condition, then you must clear the code with a scanner, or disconnect the negative battery cable for 1 min. then reattach. You will then have to drive it until all the monitors are set, and hopefully everything will be OK.

As for the window problem, it seems that you need a new window regulator.


EGR tube was actually almost completely clogged up. I will take to Autozone to clear the codes and see if that fixes the problem.

is it possible that the window issue could be the Copper springs below the window switches? two years ago I had to open the center console and fix the window problem i was having then, wondering if I should do that before trying to get a new Regulator....

all advice is appreciated, thanks 43 sqd
Autozone does not clear codes, so save yourself a trip.

If the clicking is coming from the door, then the problem is with the regulator.
Thanks 43sqd, I disconnected the negative battery and I am waiting to see if the light comes back on.

Is the Regualator something I can fix or change myself...any instruction available here?

Here are the instructions, but keep in mind that you will have to drill out the existing rivets and will need a two handed rivet gun to install the new ones.


Recheck your work and see that there are no broken hoses. If not clear the code one more time (1 min. is sufficient). If the code returns, the next step would be to get the EGR valve itself.
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