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HELP With 2 Issues! EGR Tube and Driver Window

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Issue 1: I followed instructions on this forum (very helpful) to remove and clean my EGR tube. I pute every thing back and the light is still on. what could be causing the light to still stay on? Did I have to reset anything? the code was P0400 which prompted me to clean to EGR tube.

issue 2: Driver winow dos not want to go down. I had followed instructions on this forum when it went doen 2 years and did not want to roll back up. there is a clicking sound when I push on botton...Any suggestions as to how to fix?

I really appreciate any help especially with Issue number one. I also have pics of the whole removal and cleaning of EGR tube. will post later.
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Most likely your EGR valve is bad. Mine went bad too. When you change your EGR valve, don't forget to buy and install the EGR metal gasket. It is easy to miss it.. If you cleaned your EGR tube, then you should not have any problems replacing your EGR valve, and remember to tighten everything..

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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