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Hi guys, I am in kind of need help for a friend....

I have a friend with a 202 with a non-bose stereo....the original speakers were horrid..dull sounding and distorted like crazy.

He added a Infinity Basslink in the trunk and that helped out alot but later on still, the clarity of the W202 non premium Bose stereo wasnt good.

He got creative, replaced the front speakers and found the W202 Bose speaker ported enclosures for the front doors and inserted a 4.5" Bose driver to the enclosure that it fits in...4ohm impedance version he put.

Then the rear doors literally fell apart a year later due to the foam along their surrounds.

Changed those out recently and put in the Bose system W202 speakers (which I now beleive are 2ohm) and they plugged right into the doors. Sound great too!

Mercedes Audio 10 head unit went in next...sound became better/louder.

The system can go loud and does not reach distortion much at all however, the mid range is dull.

Are these 2ohm Bose rear door speakers ruining his system? They do seem a touch louder than the front which makes me wonder they are the usual Bose 2ohm but sound awesome and dont distort. Im trying to figure out how many ohms the head unit is now seeing with:

Front (4ohmsx2speakers)
Rear Door (2ohms?x 2speakers)
Rear Shelf Woofers (4ohmsx2speakers)

The goal is to aleast have a nice natural lifelike sounding stereo in this car without going to the corner shop and having their say of this and that to go in the car, thousands of dollars later.

Please help and thanks!
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