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HELP: W107 US to Euro Headlight Conversion.

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I have been trying to install my Euro headlights on my US car and cant seem to get them connected properly.

Has someone done this before and has some pictures/instructions to document it?

Thank you.

(Yes, I tried the search engine but no instructions).
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My car is a 1987. What confuses me is that a number of the "kits" offered on ebay mention a "4 pin" to 6 pin conversion, but mine already has a 6 pin.

Any ideas?
This is the plug I have coming from the car.


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Possibly the kick in the butt i needed to figure out the same. We are now in it together.

There are two plugs, a 6 and a 4 on my car. I'm guessing that the 6 is a direct plug-and-play match. However, when I try to plug in the 4, I notice that 3 pins are used for the US version and the 4th is just for Euro. So if you try to plug in that 4-in connector, you will notice there's no friction and nothing connects.

As for the light, when I test with just the 6 pin connected:
1) The US Amber side marker (just learned not the turn signal blinker) seems to turn into the small-bulb light in the Euro.
2) The low beams work fine
3) The high beam works fine
4) The external turn signal (teardrop / banana on my car, electrical box on most) does NOT work
5) The Euro Side marker does NOT work (normally a turn signal? as there are no "electrical boxes" on ROTW cars.
6) There seems to be power coming out of that single pin for the 4-pin connector on the Euro headlight

(Please let me know if I am wrong about any of the above points.)

I assume that the reason for the 4-pin converter (couldn't find on ebay with quick search) would be to take the power from the single pin for the Euro - 4pin connection, and make it work with the US 4 Pin Connection. I don't know.

Any experts out there?
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Pile some info into the thread:

The eBay listings obviously don't tell you what wires need to move from where to where. Seems like there must be some alteration required to the main 6-plug connector.


Kit marketed at multiple body styles:


Hello!Great, thank you for this!!

But please help me out, my US car comes with a 6 pin ALREADY, whats this 4 pin that are taking about?/
Here is a picture of my US light next to a Euro light -both have 6 pin!

Whats the talk of the 4 pin??!?!


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Ahhh, I know what you mean with the 4 pin!!

The 4 pin is JUST for that ridiculous US BOX. See attached picture
Blinker 'box' connector


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Ahhh, I know what you mean with the 4 pin!!

The 4 pin is JUST for that ridiculous US BOX. See attached picture
Now, now. Just like wheels. Some prefer the US look. Some the ROTW. Some like the US bumpers some the ROTW bumpers.
What I dont understand, the 4 pin goes from the headlight to the "box".

the only thing coming from the car is the 6 pin and the brown cable.
I think that wire diagram may be wrong. It says no. 6 is for the fog lights?

The fog lights on my car are wired independently of the headlights.

Are you sure this is for the W107 and not the W116/W126?
You are going to have to switch threads to find out the source of the image:

My 1973 has a 6-pin connector, and a 4-pin connector. You do see the two red arrows in the picture you posted, right? That's where I assume there'd be a 4-pin connector for the Euro versions too. I think power comes out of that single pin. When I touched it to one of the 3 pins in my US 4-pin connector, I believe my under-the bumper turn signal lit up (as it should when the lights are on).
no. the 4 pin conector comes from the headlight unit itself and feeds the box/

from the you should only have the 6 pin female and the separate ground (look at my pic)

I just now noticed your location is "Germany". Your car probably came with ROTW lights, and someone installed US lights, right?

So you just need to know how wires should be for a factory spec ROTW car. Right?
Yes, its a US model 560SL, I removed the US headlights and now want to install the Euro headlights.

Do the Euro headlights work when you just plug in the 6-plug? (It seems strange to me if yours do not. Mine do, but the under-the-bumper-turn-signal and integrated-side-marker-turn-signal do not work.)

I was planning on trying to figure out what wires go where when I get a little time.
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