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Help! Valve Stems not Green and black but Metal and Red - Which is intake & Exhaust??

I'm changing the Valve Stems on a 1978 300D. But the package contained Metal ones and Red ones not the typical black (ex) and green (intake). The ones on the car are all black with an outer style like my red ones. and I can't quite tell after ripping them off about the inner lip, the openings at the top are all the same.

I just want to make 100000% sure I have these on the right ones:

The Metal ones have a WIDER opening at the top.
The Metal ones inner secondary lip/ridge is higher, more towards the top

The Red ones have a thinner opening at the top
The Red ones have a inner secondary lip/ridge that is more in the middleish.

Am I correct to say that:

The Metal ones are EXHAUST and
The RED ones are Intake?



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The seals are identical for intake and exhaust.

There is a difference between the old OM617 (with 80 DIN HP) and the new OM617 (with 88 DIN HP). The old engine used higher valve stem seals, the newer engine used lower valve stem seals, because the valve lift was higher. New type valve stem seals can be used on old and new engines. Old-style seals should not be available anymore, but I suppose aftermarket manufacturers can still stock them.

6170500167 is the part number for the repair kit for the OM617
6170500067 is the part number for the repair kit for the OM617 turbodiesel

They are not interchangeable, the turbodiesel has different valves.

This is the repair kit for the four-cylinder OM615 and OM616. The seals are the same however.
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