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o yes hide the good stuff. rotten cock sucker stole 3 credit cards out of my wallet spent big money and left me high and dry. guess no work on my amg for a while till fraud figure things out. get this at target they did 2 transaction $500.00 each 30 for seconds apart. hell i didnt even know target got stuff for 500.00 $. anyone out there deal with fraud and credit card?:mad::bash::Smoker::banghead::rocketwhore::twak::nono:

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Sorry to hear what happened.
Call your credit card companies and let them know what charges were fraudulent.
they should tell you what you need to do to avoid paying for what was fraudulently charged.

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I'm always amazed by stuff like this. Don't these idiots know that cameras are everywhere now? If they're shopping at Target with a stolen credit card, there's videographic evidence of them entering and exiting the store, and during the transactions. Some people can be such idiots.

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Yes they will reverse the charges in time.. Screw target and the perp at the register that did not ask for ID...

I went through this right before vacation they cleared out my checking useing fake checks.. Got my money back but fought big time..

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Well I'm glad it worked out for you, and didn't ruin your hard earned vacation.

Jackassery like this really pisses me off. And if I can say, those on authority (police, banks, etc.), really don't seem to be in your corner on stuff like this. You get the feeling you're almost entirely on your own, and that you're being looked at as a crminal when you make a claim like this.

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To start... I am no expert on this othere than our Wells Fargo accounts got Hacked about 6 months ago and then Jan 2nd of this year my Wife's purse got stolen out of her employee locker at the Hospital. Within hours our accounts were drained of funds, credit cards were used, some were denied, some weren't.

So we have a little experience with this and want to share what we have learned.

Good thing is... Wells Fargo put the money back into our accounts after they were hacked 6 months ago by a lady in the UK. Course we had to close all our accounts and get all new accounts, new debit cards, checks, alert everyone we pay bills too, change all account info with all the companies we deal with. Direct deposit Payroll checks, etc.

Now we are doing all again because of the theft of my wife's purse. She had her SS card in there with credit cards, drivers license, insurance card, keys to home car mail box, safe, etc.

First... Make copies of everything in your wallet or purse...front and back and keep in a safe place.

Without looking at your debit card...try and remember your card number. Guess what, the bank will not give it to you over the phone.

We could see the card was used, we went to the locations the card was used to see video of who used it but without the card number they could not find the transaction. Also they said if they did have the card info they could not show us the video. Most business policies are to only show the video to the police. SO MAKE A POLICE REPORT!

If your wallet/purse is know which credit cards were in there, the number on the card and what phone number to call to cancel.

A stolen purse or lost wallet gives an identity thief all the information and documentation they need to take advantage of your good name and credit.

1. Call your credit card and ATM card issuers.
Request account number changes. Be sure to understand your options here. One option is to call and completely cancel all your cards. This is almost never the right choice. Canceling credit cards that have an outstanding balance, or canceling a whole set of credit cards can have a negative impact on your credit score. Also, if you simply cancel cards, this may incite Banks to maximize the interest rate on any outstanding balance. It is best to contact customer service for each debit or credit card by phone and clearly explain that your card has been lost or stolen. Most Banks have plans in place to address this situation.

Your hard copy or electronic statements contain the Phone numbers, or call toll free assistance 800-555-1212.
Insist on new account numbers, and request transfer of any mileage or other card benefits. Same credit limits (important for maintaining credit score), same or better terms.

2. Open a report with local Police or Sheriff
Do not skip this step as it will be an essential piece of information if you do become an identity theft victim.

Keep a copy of this police report for your records.
Likely questions during the report filing process:
When did you first notice your wallet was lost
Where do you think your purse was stolen or lost
What items were in your wallet or purse at the time
Description of the stolen wallet or lost purse
Any suspects? Do you have a description?

3. Call all three major credit reporting agencies and request a fraud alert be put on your account.
Experian PO Box 9595, Allen, TX 75013-9595 Tel: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)
Equifax PO Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241 Tel: 800-525-6285
Trans Union PO Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022 Tel: 800-680-7289

This fraud alert will require creditors to verify your identity before approving any credit
Verification is almost always done by calling your phone number which will be placed in your credit file when you place a fraud alert.
Alternatively, you can use an identity theft protection company and have them do this for you including renewing it every 90 days.

4. Contact your bank or credit union’s fraud department and report the event.
You may be able to combine this with step 1 above, especially regarding ATM (debit) cards.

5. Order and begin a vigilant review of your credit reports
Look for and investigate any suspicious activity.

6. Report a missing driver’s license to your state’s department of motor vehicles.
Re-issue of driver’s Licenses varies by state, ask about your state’s process when visiting with DMV

7. If your keys are missing (Auto or Home) change the locks on your home and car.
Re-keying the locks is easier and cheaper than replacing the locks.
This important step is often neglected. If your purse was stolen, you have to remember that even if keys and other items are recovered, they may have been duplicated prior to recovery.

8. Begin a written list (inventory) of every item in the stolen wallet or lost purse
List everything, credit cards, Blockbuster cards, retail shopping cards, gift cards, cash estimate, lipstick, children’s information, etc. Keep the list with you and add to it, in a day or two you will have remembered nearly every item you had in your wallet or purse. This complete inventory will be very useful in detecting fraud and speeding your recovery.
Questions to ask yourself:
Were there any blank checks in my purse when it was stolen
You didn’t have any account numbers or passwords in your wallet, did you?
Did you have any of those little plastic car or house keys?
ID cards for daycare or Sunday School pickup?
Cards or slips of paper with padlock, mailbox, or safe deposit box combinations

9. Enroll with a reputable Identity Theft Protection Service
This is a recommendation, but we believe in it, and you will sleep much better! Consider enrolling with TrustedID, Debix, or LifeLock. Debix only costs $24 per year and includes an insurance policy, as do the others, in case you become an identity theft victim. Lifelock and TrustedID are also very affordable at $9 or less per month, plus, if you do become a victim, you will have an identity protection company to help you restore your credit and good name. Trust us, you don’t want to go through this experience. It is far more frustrating and stressful dealing with all the red tape and bureaucracy than the loss of your wallet or purse. You also won’t have to worry about when the attack will be initiated, identity thieves may wait anywhere from a few months to two years. Enrolling will also give you Identity Insurance or a service guarantee that covers you up to 1 million dollars. If you wait till after an identity theft attack you will not be able to get insurance from anyone.

10. Have a detailed discussion with your bank
According to the Federal Trade Commission, no federal law limits your losses should someone obtain your checks and forge your signature. State laws usually hold the bank responsible in this case, but the Catch-22 comes when they also require you to “take reasonable care” of your account. Stay in the law’s good graces by closing your current checking account and reopening a new one, especially if you lost checks. The bank will notify its internal processors about the now defunct account, but the FTC recommends you call these check verification services to stop someone from using one of your checks at a merchant’s cash register:

TeleCheck 1-800-710-9898 or 927-0188
Certegy Inc. 1-800-770-3792
International Check Services 1-800-631-9656

This is a stressful situation and can leave one feeling violated and angry but knowing what to do when your purse is stolen is half the battle. If you act quickly using the guidelines above you can keep it from taking your stress to a whole new level and from becoming a major financial disaster.

If you have not lost your wallet or had your purse stolen, great! By reading the information above you can easily see why identity theft prevention is the key here! Taking a few simple precautions now can save you time and money if your personal information is ever compromised.

Here’s a few tips that may save you a lot of time, money and stress:

Carry only what you need in your wallet or purse. Store all non-essential information in a safe place.
Make a detailed list of the items you do carry with you.
Never carry your Social Security number in your wallet or purse
Never carry account numbers or passwords in your purse or wallet
Keep the contact numbers and information for all your financial and personal information in a secure place so they will be available easily if needed

Purchase Identity Theft Protection.

Hope this helps you protect yourself and your accounts because I can tell you from experience...Having this happen to you is NO fun!
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