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2012 C300 4Matic sedan
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2003 C240.

My wiper switch went bad. Bought a new switch on-line. Part no I ordered was W0133-1891601 (the other part number referenced is 203 545 03 10).

Had a local mechanick put it in. Wipers work fine but the turn signal won't cancel. Mechanic says - "Its the switch. Better get a new one."

The old switch has a different part number 000 545 23 10.

Did I buy a switch that does not have an automatic turn signal caneler?

I want to look at the installation myself. Will taking the steering whell off involve potentially messing up the airbags? Does anyone have some step by step instructions for taking the wteering wheel off and taking the column apart so I can look at or change the switch.
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