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Help! Right turn signal rapidly blinking! Odd interval.

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My right turning signal is blinking like crazy when I use it. I meant it is in lots faster interval than the left signal. It happen occationally since Saturday but happened 5-6 times this morning. My left signal and emergency stop light (all left-light blinking) are working normally....

What could this be?
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My C class had the same problem. It was an electrical issue. They had to replace a wiring harness and some electronics because it kept happening randomly.

Eventually my key stopped working as well and they had to replace quite a bit more to fix that. I'm not sure if they were related. I don't think so though.

My brand new C class had one electrical problem after another. I lost count on how many bad modules they had to replace before it was totaled.
yeah it's definitely just the bulbs...cmorosco i think you just had really bad luck with the electric system in that c class.

Just swap out all your turn signal's neither expenive nor difficult

If it stayed that way I'd agree but he said it keeps happening and then going away. Wouldn't it stay that way until the bulb was replaced if it was just the bulb.

I definetly agree I had major issues with my C class. I'm not sure it was bad luck though as I knew several other people with the same issues in their C classes. I learned my lesson on buying a first year car though.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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