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Help! Right turn signal rapidly blinking! Odd interval.

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My right turning signal is blinking like crazy when I use it. I meant it is in lots faster interval than the left signal. It happen occationally since Saturday but happened 5-6 times this morning. My left signal and emergency stop light (all left-light blinking) are working normally....

What could this be?
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Thanks Sesh, but that is not the problem.
When I tried the emergency light, all signal lights are blinking correctly.... none is out.
It's not stay that way every time. This happens occationally only. Says 2-3 out of 10 right turns.
So, is it still the bulb? They all looks fine to me (all 8 of them, 4 left, 4 right, instrument panel, front, rear and side).

cmorosco, sorry to hear about your bad luck on c-class. I used it couple times for loaner car. Seems to be nice but they are some lemons out there!
I would try that during the weekend when I have time.
BTW, I have noticed that the fast-blinking is related to my steeling wheel position. If the blinking happen, I steer more, it would be gone. If I'm not, it will persist... or until I turn it off myself.
New update. Front signal light is more dim...

When this happen, my front signal light is quite dimmer than the left one! When it works normally, both left and right are lit equally....
What could this be? The bulb seems like, but could it be the wire?? Which one should I look at?
Don't really wanna go another trip to the st(d)ealer...
After almost a week of bulb replacement and little contact cleaning, I'd never experienced this problem again.

Nevertheless, judge from physical view of the bad bulb, it looks perfect from inside out. Think we could be fool by this!

Thank you so much for this. Save me a trip to the dealer.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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