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help purchasing 01 s500

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I'm looking to purchase an 01 at the dealer by my house. Was wondering if anyone can tell me what to look for? Any problems I should know about or ask? Certain areas I should check? Help me out, thanks!
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itzezbeinme - 2/1/2005 3:19 PM
Just make sure u get urself an extended warranty if there is none because service a and b r expensive.
Extended warranty will NOT cover regular maintenance for your vehicle!
Went through this topic myself about a year ago when purchased my MB MY01 S500 AMG Sport.

The main areas that already failed or would probably fail soon:
1. Airmatic Pump
2. Instrument Cluster Display

Before buying S-Class:
  • 1. Stay away from MY00 (year 2000 model).[/*]
  • 2. Check VMI - repair history (available at nearest MB stealership). VMI usually crowded with a lot of records for this car, but most of those records are minor things...[/*]
  • 3. Check records (not completely reliable, but the best of its kind online).[/*]
  • 4. BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY! I bought mine from and they supposed to be ok (I only had a couple of rental car reimbursements while servicing my S500 under manufacturer's warranty, i.e. most of the stealership will never give you a loaner if you didn't buy a car from them [:(!]).
    Also remember that those two things, that most likely will fail soon, would cost you MORE than 2-3 year protection with extended warranty.[/*]

Other than the things I mentioned, the car is amazing... nothing could come even close in comparison (considering combination of comfort, performance, price and prestige).

Also search this forum as well as "f o r u m s . m b w o r l d . o r g" (remove spaces) for the list of discussed issues.

Hope it helpfull...
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Pitbull - 2/13/2005 11:39 PM

I am sure that the extended warranty would runs several thousand $$$ and then if it isn't from Mercedes how do you know they would even pay off when you had a problem??
Extended warranty for 3-4 years old car would cost about $3k for 3 yr. coverage.
Would they pay off or not - you have to research reviews and comments. I did mine and appealed to be the best.

RE: Mercedes "StarMark" extended warranty is good, only if you get it for free (when buying through MB dealership). Otherwise it is aftermarket warranty that MB resells with its logo on it (and markup, of course). "StarMark" would cover much less components than competitive aftermarket warranties.

RE: Reliability.
W220 S500 is very complex car and with tons of electronics onboard. As I specified before – there are two weak spots in W220 (apparently made in 2000-2003).
Regarding climate control issues on MY99 500SL – that was a common problem for those cars as I recall.

To get a full picture search forums and see what actual owners say and what they complain about. Also go to “f o r u m s . m b w o r l d . o r g� (remove spaces) forum.

Hope it helps.
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