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1984 380SL
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So i recently bought a 1984 380SL and she has been kept away from the roads for a few years so needed a bit of work (break pads, rotors, front grille, tires, distributor, full service, fuses, 2 new fans radiator fans, radiator...etc)

The car runs fine but it recently stopped running and the car just wont start when you turn the key. I thought it was the battery so i changed it but few weeks later the same thing happened so now i am guessing it is the alternator? If so, how can i change that myself? any help will be appreciated here :)

The other problem i have is the car heats up if i drive it more than 15 - 20 minutes and specially if i push it a little and mostly when the A/C is on. What could be causing that heating up when i have new fans and a new radiator?

The last time i took the car to the mechanic, it felt a little lazy when i got it back so i think they messed with the gear changing setup because the car changes gear very quickly now and wont go back a gear if you kick down.

Thank you in advance and any help will be apprciated
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