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I wrote the other day about getting a used SLK32, 2002, with 8 thousand miles on it. There's a few things that worry me and I need help with.

One, did all the 2002's come with drilled rotors? The car that I'm looking at doesn't have them and I thought they did.

Two, we found condinsation in the left head light with those (spelling) zeon lights. I heard it could be fixed, but is this a normal fixable problem with the SLK?

Three, on the same side, the drivers side, the windshield washer jets don't spray on the windshield, could this be related to the left side of the car having electrical problems started in the headlamp?

Other than that, the car seems fine, the roof goes up and down quietly, I can't see signs of C pillar rubbing, no clicking noises. The motor doesn't have any oil below the seals, that I have found anyway.

Could someone please answer me about those brakes? Also, someone wrote in a resonse earlier about getting the amg shocks changed to be a little softer. Any information would help with that too. I have a pretty bad back, but the only time I found it harsh was like in the city, where the roads were full of potholes etc that you can't avoid.

As you can guess, I'm nervous. I plan on getting the extended warranty, not because of the miles, but because of the years I need to add. According to New Country in Hartford, its the exact warranty that comes witht the car, just paying for it to be longer.

I'm excited, but nervous about buying someone elses muscle car. The tires aren't brand new, so, that made me feel a little better about it not being beaten to hard. So, again, beating a the bush here, do you guys think the brakes have been changed?


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No SLK32s had drilled rotors from the factory. Many people believe that they did only because the C32 was released at the same time and sometimes closeup photos of the C32 front wheels were mixed with SLK32 photos.

Headlight condensation is a fairly common problem. Probably means it was recently run through a high-pressure car wash. Not sure if there is a permanent fix or even if it is necessary.

The washer jets on both of my SLKs have sprayed very high to the point where most of the fluid goes over the windshield.

I don't think you'll see enough improvement in the shocks alone. The springs and swaybars would also need to be changed.

I don't know what "New Country" is but if they are a Mercedes dealer, they aren't being honest with you. Mercedes doesn't sell used-car warranties that are the same as the factory warranty.

If it's got 8K and the tires aren't new, then they would be well over half gone if the car was driven hard. The continentals on my SLK230 lasted 13K and the Michelins on my SLK32 lasted 16K.

If you're still asking about the brake rotors, then yes, they are original.
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