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My car => C200 CDI Classic AUTO SE (2003)

After driving diesels for years I finally
made the dire mistake of putting in unleaded.
The tank was pretty near empty & I put 11 litres
of unleaded in. I drove home (1/2 a mile) in
ignorance & about an hour later I went to go
out again. It started as usual but then the revs
dipped very briefly. The engine never does anything
but purr like a kitten at idle so it got my
attention - and suddenly I realised what I'd done.
Needless to say I switched it off & it's been like
that since.

I'd be very grateful for any advice. Please
bear in mind I am no mechanic.


2007 c230 sport
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I had a vw jetta tdi for 8 year's and even though I never had that problem (thank god)
I believe you have to get your gas tank and fuel lines drained & flushed.
you also have to replace your diesel filter.

Good Luck and I hope your car did'nt get to messed up.
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