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Help please! 2000 clk430 dead battery trunk won't open

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Hi everyone,
I am new to the benzworld so forgive me if im doing this wrong. I have a 2000 clk 430 with a dead battery and i cannot open the trunk. I've tried the key and it turns360 degrees with no results. My fob and counsole buttons dont work. Also my radio wont turn on and power locks dont work. Ive jumped it and can start the car but trunk still wont open. I drove 60 miles and still not enough charge to open trunk??? I dont want to drill holes in my car so Any advice would be appreciated.

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since you can jump start the car, it sounds like you have something jammed in the latch. You have to enter the trunk from the back seat. Open the first aid compartment. Get your hand into the trunk compartment. You should be able to pull the seat release or grab the cable enough to release the seat. Once you are in, you can work on the trunk latch. Many people keep one seat unlatched so that you don't have to go through this procedure.
Re: radio...need to enter radio code before radio works after dead/new battery
glad you got in, but how come you didnt just connect the car to another car?

There are lots of options if you cant get to the battery.

Cigar light to other car.
In engine use the dedicated jump point under platic flap.
Under the car you can also connect to the alternator if all else fails
He says that he was able to jump it...his problem is that a number of systems is not working.
I would also check your fuses....seems like too many things went wrong with dead battery.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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