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im torn between a few different cars and would appreciate any opinions and info you might have. They are all very different. Im trading in my porsche cayenne S. power and acceleration and performance are a big plus for me, however i really like luxurious cars too. So im lookin for the best combo of both. My previous car was a C class benz. Wish i never sold it, so now im looking to get back in one.
If you know of any problem areas with these cars please let me know and any known issues with reliability lmk.

Four cars im debating, all around $40,000. All from 2 local MB dealerships, all cpo'd and appear in good nick.

First is a 2007 E63 CPO black on black with 39,000 miles package 2 with alcantra headliner and so on. Love the performance of this one, but the interior feels a little outdated compared with the 2010 e550. Price is 39,999

Second is a 2010 E550 coupe CPO steel grey on black, package 2, nicely optioned with 26,000 miles. Interior in this one just looks lightyears ahead of the 2007 e class. Just alot more modern.

Third 2009 CLS550 black w black w the newer 3 spoke steering wheel interior 38,000 miles, package 1 so no alcantra headliner , does have the amg sport package tho with amg wheels etc.

Last is a car i wasnt really looking fr but when i saw that it was in the same price range i couldnt ignore it. 2008 S550 , cerified, 49600 miles, pacakge 3 lot of nice options, black on black. Wood and leather everywhere. Small looking wheels tho. $44,588

Okay thanks again, any advice greatly appreciated.
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