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Help needed putting together e-55T

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Hello there,

I was hoping some one here could answer some questions regarding assymbling of a e-55 T model.

Issue 1.
Little black connector under the front fusebox in the engine comp.
- where to plug this?
Info, 2 pin black connector with two times green wires, Pretty sure its canbus...?

Issue 2.
Same location.
White/red pole pol. Plug.
- where to plug this?
This is has something to do with aircondition (ref. EPC, looked up the connectors part number, but still no answer to the issue)

Issue 3.
3 pin plug in the rear right of the car. Behind the covering between the the rear door and trunk lid..
Wires and plug matches the brakepad sensors in each side of the front fenders, but I have no idea with to plug in here??

Some help would be brilliant!

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