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1991 Mercedes 350SDL
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Hi all, new to the forums so sorry if this isnt in the right spot..

I have a 91 350SDL, yeah its the fabled "rod bender" thankfully mine isnt, or hasnt... anyhow, its been sitting for over a year now, because the powersteering pump/reservoir/pulley assembly cracked off the side of the engine block. The unit is still in one piece, its the "bracket" parts that cracked down the middle, so it doesnt hold onto the engine anymore. All the other parts, are just fine, its just this damn bracket. So far as I can tell, I can't just replace the bracket can I? I mean, the pulley, pump and reservoir all are intact and fine. I've been quoted $550 canadian to $1500 canadian for the whole assembly, but thats a bit steep. I think its cast iron so it cant be welded, any help? Anyone else had this problem?

Sorry if I'm not describing it well... im no mechanic, though I am more than competent enough to do most work myself... I just cant describe things lol.

Help plz :)

(oh, and I can post photos if needed)
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