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03 E320. I recently posted about packing my front wheel bearings and today I started the project. I'm also replacing the brakes pads while at it. Couple of questions:

1) I have the hub off the spindle but the rear bearing doesn't want to come out of the's being held up by the rear seal. I could probably force it out with the slide hammer but I'm not planning to replace it, only re-pack it (details why in previous post). Is there a trick to getting that out? The front bearing just came right out when I pulled the hub off so that one's easy.

2) I put the new pads in the caliper but the piston doesn't seem to want to compress...I'm well short of the clearance I need to make it over the rotor. Should that piston just I need to push harder? I have disconnected the SBC unit, like I read.

Thanks...gonna keep researching on the forun but wanted to get this out there immediately. I need my car done this weekend...wish me luck!
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