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well i've been driving my mirage for a while, as my coupes just been sitting there broken and i'm tired of looking at it..

anyways 2 400e's turned up..

lets go with 400e #1
so its white/parchment, 1993 but the door says 10/92.. so its a late 92-93 i guess.. around 150,000 miles.
issues: tranny has a 3-4 second delay going into reverse
timing chain/rails have not been done
ac has been refreshed, but i think its just been refilled, but it works fine
wiring harness has been done by P.O before him.. but ETA looks original
car has been hit in rear quarter and fender (which is no big deal to me)
little tear in the rear seat just needs stitching (no big deal)
missing the 2 intake pipe things (he said he took it off cause it was all duct-taped)
No headliner
left driver's side windows needs a regulator
all the electronics work
shocks seem kind of newish but i'm not sure
smog pump has a tick sometimes which sets off the engine light
other than that the car seems fine, the owner is a mb enthusiast somewhat, he just bought a brand new r129 sl500..
has plastic oiltubes, couple of em are popped.
missing antenna
needs a battery
power steering leaks
driver's side needs a new door check
and this was his first car.. but NO records whatsoever
starting price was 1400, got him down to 1175

1992, red/mushroom creamish 198k
tranny has been changed 2 years ago, (he bought the car with car stuck in 1st gear)
everything ac-wise has been changed, not sure about vacuum pods but i'm sure it was the condenser,etc
its sitting at his mechanic's right now getting oil changed, and he recently had a tuneup
ac refill/serp belt/new spark plug wires
everything works on his car as well, but the leather has a little dry cracks
NO records of wiring harness/ETA/T-chain/T-chain rails
i have not test drove this car yet
he has piles of records of everything he did since he bought the car (2004)
and all this was done over the phone,
starting price was 2600, got it down to 2000

my worries.. obviously the gas.. since i have a long commute, but i love the w124s and can't stop getting enough.. so i'll drive it 3 days a week or something and just drive my mirage..

my other worries.. the 92 seems to get way less gas mileage than the 93, and i know the manual tensioner is a pita..

so what would you guys pick?

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Go with choice #2. #1 seems to have lived a hard life that you'll end up paying for. By the way, no such thing as a brand new r129. Regardless, the example with the records wins.

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Manual tensioner PITA? Which tensioner is that one? :)

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If you can't do a tensioner you shouldn't be thinking about a 400E.
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