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Im new to the forum so I hope Im in the right section. Im sure this has come up before. If someone has a link to a fix it that would be great.

Ok I have a 2000 CL600 AMG V-12.
The vehical has now told me to stop driving it..
Dreaded ABC has come up.
(active body control)
And it is leaking Hydo fluid.

So I have start some research and what I have found in mostly scary.
anywhere from a 2,000 to a 7 to 8 grand repair.
Any leads to help me narrow down what I need to be looking for. As if its leaking here it could be a bad hi pressure line and that may be your problem.

Also if it ends up being the a big repair. Is there any aftermarket syspension options for me. To eleminate the abc and do a nice coil over setup. or is that a silly idea.

thanks for any help.

Josh Dunn

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