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HELP: light warning light on W639

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My light warning light has come on in my new style vito (bottom left corner, little light blb with lines coming out of it).

my offside light bulb was dim, but still was goes to full beam. I changed the light bulb and it has not cured the problem. also noticed my rear left hand side license bulb is out as well

this makes me think it is a fuse? if so which one, as i had a look at the manual and could not see which fuse is for this.

Any help greatly received. need to get this fixed as it is dark up here in scotland!

all help is greatly appreciated.


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The warning light comes on if the expected load is not met, when switching on the bulbs. If a replacement bulb has not fixed your problem (dim dipped beam, if I understand correctly) then the fault must lie somewhere else. The most common fault would be a poor earth, within the headlamp itself. This commonly occurs due to corrosion of the earth terminals, which in turn can occur when the moisture drains get blocked, and moisture builds up within the headlamps. Do you ever see clouding of the headlamp lenses?
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