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HELP! I'm confused.

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I bought 4-NGK LFR6AIX-11 (6619) because others recommended this plugs in other thread.

However, I just found in that ONLY NGK ILFR6A Laser Iridium (3588) fits to my 05 C230K SS and NGK LFR6AIX-11 (6619) doesn't!!!! Can you please help me if I should return them and re-order ones?

Best regards,

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Thanks Schumicat! I've checked the operator's manual and mine requires 0.8mm electrode gap. What I've bought has 1.1mm gap. I will exchange for the right fitment. But I'm still wondering why people in other threads use and recommend NGK LFR6AIX-11 (6619) for M271 engine?
Thank you all. I ordered ILFR6A today. I felt that I really need to take care of my car right, so I can ride another 100K!
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