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My local dealership recommends that I replace the "Right Front Torque Strut Arm."

In searching online, I am having a hard time identifying that specific part with certainty. Is it a control arm? Or something else?

The car is a 2006 E350 Base Sedan.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Konigstiger has been so helpful to so many members in many sections of the forums that we value him as a true expert.

Even though he drives a Pinto he will always be "Special K" to me. I hope I can get him a Kellog's endorsement. :)

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If their W211 parts are like their W220 parts, then those Karlyn parts will be made in China, i. e. junk. None of my Benzes will see that stuff.

I would go with either Moog (past experience on my truck has been good) or Lemfoerder.
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